The new model range of short-tiller trucks introduced by Noblelift has combined all the experience gained by the manufacturer over past years. By using of the most advanced solutions and top level components, the new range is ready to provide the top level of performance to its users.

During the design stage, several priorities and various details were considered and verified such as improvement of the service life and performance of our trucks, easy maintenance as well as confirmation of  interchangeability of components not only within model range, but also with other ranges of Noblelift products. 



Powerful AC-drive unit from the global industry leaders: the AC driving motor designed and produced by Schabmuller comes together with the top quality ZF gearbox and it is equipped with Intorq electromagnetic brake. The drive unit can provide the drive speed up to 8 km/h.The use of top level quality drive wheels from German manufacturers Rader Vogel or Wicke helps to ensure the long life time of PU tires.


Rema tiller delivers high level of ergonomics as well as reliability of control system. In addition, the tiller ensures a long life-time thanks to the contactless rocker switches designed for lifting/lowering function .


The model range can be equipped with Lithium batteries. The use of lithium solution from Noblelift will allow you to enjoy benefits of Lithium technology such as Fast charging, Opportunity charging, Maintenance free, Environmental-friendly, Smart Diagnosis of battery status, Lower cost of Total Ownership with long service life.


The integrated design of operator's platform and protective arms as well as totally new internal structure allows to ensure the smallest body length and provide extremely low turning radius among competitors. Together with this, the suspension system for the platform helps to provide the high level of comfort to  operators.


The driving controllers and steering controllers are manufactured by Zapi (Italy) - the leading European brand with long history in the industry, which provides extremely reliable and flexible solutions with high performance level of the control system.


The use of apron with 8 mm thickness allows to ensure the robustness of chassis and its strength even in case of collision against objects. The strong battery cover made out of steel helps to provide a high level  of strength for this part.


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