The rated load capacity of PS16CB electric counterbalanced stacker is from 1600kg, and the maximum lifting height is 4500mm.The main feature of this series of stacker is the compact structure, which provides you with an excellent operating experience while ensuring a high configuration.


Powerful AC drive: AC drive motor designed and manufactured by Schabmuller, KORDEL gearbox, vehicle speed up to 8km/h. In addition, Rader Vogel or Wicke drive wheels imported from Germany ensure the service life of the PU.
German REMA handle with reliable and ergonomic control system. In addition, the non-contact lifting and lowering rocker switch extends the life of the handle.
The standard electric power steering system used in other Noblelift stackers can quickly and accurately control the position of the steering wheel, while meeting the standards, with high reliability and safety.

The multi-function instrument can display the vehicle working status, battery power, working time, driving speed and steering angle. When the vehicle fails, the outer ring aperture of the instrument will change from green to red, and the fault code will be displayed.

USB charging port provides power for more devices.

The Italian Zapi drive controller and steering controller are used to provide customers with reliable and flexible high-performance control system solutions.
Standard side battery extraction, through a special trailer, battery replacement efficiency is high, the operator can operate the vehicle multiple shifts.


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