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1500KG    1600-3600mm

ECL 15B series is an economical long-tiller pallet stacker, with the rated load capacity of 1500KG and lift height from 1600 to 3600mm, it meets customers' demands for increasing economic performance, handling efficiency and safety.



Economic but durable tiller with internal structure design and plastic coating, ensures reliable and comfortable operation.

CAN-BUS technology reduces the connection number and improves system reliability.

CAN-BUS technology is convenient to check and shoot trouble, it also reduces maintenance time.


Battery deep discharge protection device, voltage discharge indicator with low voltage automatic cutting and lifting function, for higher battery lifetime.

Proofed emergency switch and voltage discharge indicator, make it more durable and reliable. 

Indicator shows faults through CAN-BUS, there is no need to remove the indicator housings.

48V DC brushless motor, low energy cost, no carbon brush, no spark, smooth operation, high efficiency, low fault rate, low maintenance cost, low noise, long lifetime.

All parts of the stacker is maintenance-convenient, no need for special tools.

Built-in 8A charger.

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery, 48Vx60Ah.

48v2.2kw powerful pump system & powerful drive.


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