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PS12/15CB-C is an electric counterbalanced stacker that is suitable for versatile applications. It optional to have the rider platform or not, with rated capacity up to 1500kg. 

Low energy consumption with long working hours, suitable for loading and unloading goods from factories,warehouses, lorries etc.



Quality industrial lead acid battery

long operating time,suitable for factories,warehouses,trucks and other places,especially for the loading and unloading of cargo in narrow space.PS12BCB-C comes with 24v/210Ah battery and PS15CB-C with 24v270Ah battery(optional 350Ah). 


Emergency switch

Emergency switch ensures the safety of driving.


Storage tray

The robust battery cover comes with a storage area for tools and stretch film used for packaging.


Foldable platform

Optional suspension foldable platform with sideways protectives arms. The ergonomically designed foldable platform in combination with its sideways protective arms makes operations faster and safer.


Powerful AC vertical drive system

AC vertical drive system increases performance,

reduces maintenance cost and improves 

working efficiency.

Electric power steering

Electric power steering makes the operating effortless. Manuvering in narrow spaces becomes a lot easier with electric power steering.


High performance pump

The high performance pump ensures the accurate positioning of the fork during the lifting and lowering process,which makes the acceleration/deceleration more stable and safer.


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