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Suspension system

5-wheel structural design

More adaptable to complex ground

Equipped with driving wheel floating technology, PS XX NW is more adoptable to complex ground and not casy toslip. The fixed balance wheel on both side enhances the stability and passability of the truck.Driving wheel with pressure adjustable structure, is more practical for different application scenarios and vehicleweights.

Driving wheel floating technology, combined with foldable platform floating structure, makes the truck highereffective in shock absorption and more comfortable in operation.


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German REMA handle with reliableand ergonomic control system.Additionally,the non-contact liftingand lowering rocker switch extendsthe life of the handle.

Optional electric power steeringsystem adopted in short-tiller stack-ers can control the steering wheelquickly and accurately, meeting thestandards with high reliability andsafety.

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The ltalian Zapi drive controller andsteering controller are usedtoprovide customers with reliable andflexible high-performance controlsystem solutions.

The robust chassis with 8mm thickapron protects the truck and theagainst mechanicalcomponentsimpacts. The steel battery coverensures the battery well protected.

Integrated functional area, equippedwith key switch,emergency switch,battery indicator and USB chargingport.
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The robust chassis with 8mm thick apron protects the truck and the components againAst mechanical impacts. The steel battery cover ensures the battery well protected.


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