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600KG    2110-3200mm

PSE06BCB/NCB can be used in a compact space environment with the compact design and small turning radius. Optimizing self-weight is the initial intention of design so it is ideal for mezzanine application and the truck can easily fit into the cargo lift.


  • While working in efficiency, long tiller design keeps the operator in a safe distance.

  • Compared with the short tiller, truck operates more easily with long tiller.

  • The operator can choose your operating habits and more comfortable operating level.

  • Safe distance and good vision to make stacking operation be more efficient and rapid.


Adopts multi-function handle. Through the CAN-bus technology for lifting operation, the operation is more simple and efficient; CAN-bus technology greatly simplifies the circuit and enhance the truck reliability. With a combination lock function, the handle equipped with power display and working time that makes operation more convenient. And it equipped with an emergency button, turtle speed button and stepless speed control that makes the truck operation more safety.

The built-in charger configuration make the truck operation more autonomously and enlarges the work scope.


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