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     1200kg/2600lbs   1600-3600mm/63-141inch

      PSE12B SL

  • Perfect for light-duty applications;

  • Compact & light service weight;

  • High maneuverability;

  • Maintenance-free Lead-acid Battery;

  • Integrated on-board 12A charger;

  • Ideal for use on mezzanines.

      PSE12N SL

  • Perfect for light-duty applications;

  • Compact & light service weight;

  • High maneuverability;

  • Fast-charging Li-ion batteries;

  • Integrated on-board 25A charger;

  • Ideal for use on mezzanines;

  • Ultimate solution for light duty operations.


Convenient and fast access to any component of the truck, no elements are located in areas difficult to reach. No Special tools are required. 

Capacity of 1200kg with high residual value at maximum height (load center distance 600 mm)

Real mast profiles are used for long life-time, no cheap bended solutions used. All directed to maintain performance of the truck during its life-cycle.


Support legs are made out of solid steel (not tube) to have enough rigidity to ensure the stability and safety.

The width of each leg is consistent which prevents possible hooking of pallets and racks when driving out from the racking system.


The support legs are fixed with screws located outside of the truck’s body (4 screws for each side). The position can be easily adjusted according to the customer’s needs to achieve the overall width of the truck: 46.5”/50.5”/54.5” 58.3”.

Forged forks are used for long life-time, width of forks is adjustable 9.9-31.5”

The truck is equipped with LBR (load back rest) as standard equipment.

Wide mast provides perfect observation of forks, the field of view is clear and not interrupted by mast sections, cylinder or chains.
The operator can always clearly see the forks which significantly increases safety of operation.


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