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The EDGE series was created by Noblelift with the aim to supply product range which is capable to provide high-efficient substitution of manual and semi-electric equipment with affordable cost.

The family was named “Edge” thanks to new cutting-edge technical solutions which allowed us to create full range of compact and smart products.

Clear focus of every employer beside the working efficiency is the reduction of safety risks and injuries for employees. Majority of risks related to injuries of backs, caused by demand of high pulling and pushing force to move not powered equipment around, can be easily eliminated with the new EDGE products.

With consideration of performance increase and safety risk reduction, the cost of ownership for the products included to the EDGE family is actually lower than the one for manual and semi-electric equipment.

Smart features like speed control in turns, PIN-code or RFID access, function of driving with tiller in its vertical position, fast and opportunity charging for li-ion batteries, which before were not offered for economic material handling powered solutions, are now available for the Edge series products and making the work easier.

The EDGE series products are strictly conform to requirements of international safety standards.


The operator can always clearly see the forks which significantly increases safety of operation
Wide mast provides perfect observation of forks, the field of view is clear and not interrupted by mast sections, cylinder or chains.

Capacity of 1200kg with high residual value at maximum height (load center distance 600 mm)

Real mast profiles are used for long life-time, no cheap bended solutions used. All directed to maintain performance of the truck during its life-cycle.

Tiller is made out of PA6 30% of glass fiber material, having high strength.
Welded forks are used to ensure robustness.
Convenient and fast access to any component of the truck, no elements are located in areas difficult to reach. No Special tools are required. 


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