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PSE15-C is a ride-on economic electric stacker that is suitable for horizontal and short distance cargo transpotation.PSE15-C is a combination of walking and standing stacker,load capacity up to 1500kg.The stacker is powerful,reliable,easy installation and easy maintenance.It is suitable for loading and unloading goods in factories, warehouses, supermarkets and other places.



Built-in charger

The bulit-in charger gives higher autonomy during the application.


Emergency power off switch

The emergency power-off switch ensures the safety of driving.


Stability caster

The stability caster can be adjusted conveniently without lifting the truck.


Easily disassembled

The solid chassis with 8mm protective apron can effectively protect the body and internal parts from external mechanical impact.


Function application

The whole vehicle system adopts analog circuit control, which eliminates redundant and fancy functions and strengthens the necessary safety functions. Besides, it mainly focuses on the main action functions. The fault point is lowered, the circuit is simplified and the maintenance is simple.


Foldable platform

It has good shock absorption effect, comfortable operation and not easy to fatigue. The arm guard can be rotated for safer operation.


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