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Noblelift Walkie Electric Stacker

With a full free lifting mast, this stacker offers an ideal solution for material handling in confined spaces like supermarkets and internal workshops. Standard with a lithium battery, it ensures quick replacement and charging flexibility.



  • External programming port, diagnosing faults without removing the cover. Convenient and fast maintenance.
  • Patented chain turning structure with high strength.
  • Standard speed reduction at turns ensures stability and safety during large angle turns.
  • Makes it convenient to adjust the pressure on top ofsupporting wheels without lifting up the machine.


  • Load capacity is upgraded to 1.3t, meeting the needs of customers better.
  • The full free lifting mast is an ideal choice for working in limited height spaces.
  • Soft start enables more stable and controllable lifting operations.
  • Stability and performance of the truck is enhanced greatly via specialized C channel steel.
  • Vertical drive function enables easy steering in narrow spaces such as lorries and elevators safely.

  • The tiller ofthe truck with ergonomic design has comfortable soft grips for comfort daily operation. All buttons are big and can be easily reached by operators even in case of working in gloves.
  • Integrated PlN code panel with LCD display for smart control and operation.


  • The machine can ensure high efficiency even in multiple shifts.
  • Lithium batteries have functions such as fast charging, maintenance free,environmentally friendly, and intelligent display, while also easy tomaintain, cost-effective, and improving work efficiency greatly


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