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Under the request of our dealers, Noblelift combines the experience of the forklifts industry in China and the latest forklift technologies globally to present to our partners the Noblelift environmental-friendly IC forklifts range with excellent safety, reliability, ergonomics & comfort and easy maintenance. Noblelift IC forklifts adopt the mast system of Q series electric forklifts range for easy exchange, easier service and less parts inventory.

Selected top brand components in the industry make sure the best reliability and performance of the trucks.



Ergonomic design such as optimized operating device structure & layout, with the clear displaying and ergonomic location of the instrument, the operator can know the truck information in time, which reduces driving fatigue and makes long hours of operation effortless. 

  • With 100% pivot steering and returning, systems the truck has good maneuverability in narrow areas. The truck has small turning radius, easy steering, good gradeability and perfect maneuverability.

  • Tilting cylinder is located below the floor panel of the driving cab, widening low anti-slip step and enlarging operation space at foot provide comfort entry and exit operation.

  • Wide view through the optimized mast and hydraulic System, the forks with intelligent buffer, protect the ground and goods from damage.

  • The ratchet parking brake is specially developed. The operational force is reduced by 30%.


The controller integrates all electrical components, features excellent durability for temperature, water and vibration for most demanding operations. 

Optional Operator Presence System (OPS) incorporates lifting/tilting and traveling locking function. When the operator leaves the seat, the system automatically locks lifting/tilting and disables traveling to ensure safety. 
The forklift is equipped with standard LED lamps: headlamps, front turn lamps, rear combination lamps, warning lamps. Bright light with low power consumption allows you to operate freely at night.
The key rotation parts are protected from water and dust to extend their maintenance period. With the using of cast axle, the bearing load carrying ability is improved and the truck’s structure is simple and reliable, The service life is prolonged.
The new stamped air cleaner featuring tangential intake, double seal with safety filter is durable, corrosion-free and vibration-resistant, provides better filtering efficiency and lower intake resistance than traditionally used.


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