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The Noblelift Cushion Electric forklift truck is small and flexible with its compact design allowing it to be used in confined indoor space and applications yet with great comfort for operators with its ergonomic design.


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The Noblelif Cushion Electric forklift truck is small and flexible with its compact design allowing itto be used in confined indoor space and applications yet with great comfort for operators with itsergonomic design.


Optional different speed modes available to accommodate most demanding applications.

Optional large lead acid or Li-ion battery and regenerative braking system increase applicationhours significantly with single battery charging.

High-power oil pump motor and large displacement gear pump are applied to increase liftingand lowering speed, and improve working efficiency.

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Ergonomic designed steering wheel with adjustable angle, driver seatadjustable forward and backward, the operator can choose the best andcomfortable driving position.

The operator can select different performance modes on LCD to meetdifferent applications. The easy-to-read LCD color display providesinformation about speed, steer angle & travel direction, battery dischargeindicator, hour meter & working mode, which allows the operator to operateeasily and efficiently.

Adjustable for operator weight, lumbar support and position, thefull-suspension seat includes an ergonomic operator restraint system whichhelps support the operator during operation.Spacious foot room is provided for prolonged operator comfort duringoperation. The integral rubber & plastic pedal pad allows the operator to geton and off the truck comfortably and safely.


Easy-removable of side panels enables easy service andmaintenance of various systems.

The battery compartment is equippedwith a side battery removal assembly foreasy removal and replacement.

Innovative dual-door structure, with onedoor at left side and right side of thetruckrespectively.enableseasymaintenance of oil pump motor, oilpump,and electric control of the truckwith good water proof and dust proofperformance.

Standard equipped tilt cylinder boot to protect it from the

environments and best reliability.

Brake fluid can be addedvernyconveniently by opening the shield coverand oil tank cover.

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All lithium-iron bateries are equipped built-in battery management system(BMS) that manages allimportant data during charging and discharging.The management of the battery by BMS can ensure the safety of the battery throughout its life cycle.Lithium-iron bateries have been certified for safe transportation(by air and sea and operatingstandards. BMS communicates with the truck management system through CAN, CAN protocoCAN monitor the battery and diagnose and repair the battery through specific software

FAST CHARGINGEfficiency First

The unique fast-charging feature of ithium balteries makes them an ideal choice for mulfi-shift operafion. On comparison with lead-aciooateres, the ithium oafteries show greater pertormance as they can be charged between operations and during breaks, through the supporof opportunity charging, the effective working time of eguioment with lithium baltery can be prolonged without necessity to replace theoattery. Addifionally, the opportunity charging has no effect on lithium battery, there is no memory effect and fast consecutive capacityreduction as itis the case for ead-acid batteries

Lithium batteries are completely sealed, there is no evaporafion of electrolyte, forming of explosive gases and chemical smell during chargingorocess.Theretore, the lithium batteries are icea for use in applicafions with environmenta concerns. such as food processing. chemica antpharmaceuticalindustries.

SAFETYHigh Reliability
The lithium baery is using LiFePO4 chemistry (LFP), which is stable and safe. Each batery is equipped with integrated Battery ManagementSystem (BMS), which controls various parameters of the cells during charging and discharging operafions making the use of lithium balteriessafe, reliable and long lasting.


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