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FE4P N Series

5000KG   2000-6000mm

50N is the strength of N series forklift truck family, which bears a load of 5 tons. The whole truck adopts automobile control mode, which makes the driver's operating space comfortable, and saves effort to import multi-functional integrated LCD display.
The state and fault information of the vehicle is clear at a glance. The whole vehicle lights are LED, with warning lights, so that you can operate freely at night.The motor uses AC motor, maintenance-free, strong power.
Traditional DC motors need to replace carbon brushes frequently, while Novotel AC motors need not replace carbon brushes.With speed sensor and temperature sensor, the protection function is complete, and the reliability and life are greatly improved.Intelligent charger, with self-diagnosis, automatic cut-off, fault alarm, initial charging, balanced charging and other powerful functions.



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