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  • Innovative Solutions, New Power

  • Reliable quality, safer and comfortable

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable and reliable

  • Simplified structure, easy for maintenance

  • Standard Lithium power; high efficiency


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Innovative Solutions, New Power

  • Q series lithium electric foridift launched 4-5 tons model, referred to as FE4P4O-50Q.

  • The standard configuration is lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with efficient fast charging. Optional dififerent battery capacities :for various of working requirements: the standard configuration is 80V412Ah, optional 80V554Ah.

  • Standard full AC control system and tional fleet management system. Standard REMA/Anderson connection for charging, optional automotive type intelligent plug-in high frequency charging technology.

  • The truck is combined the durability of IC forklift with the layout advantage of Li-ion electric forklift, so that lhe truck's weight is light and gravity center is optimized, and the overall energy consumption is effectively improved.

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Reliable quality, safer and comfortable

  • The mast system, front and rear axles as well as the durability of chassis are similar to traditional IC forklift.

  • Big diameter tyres with better perfbnnance for outdoor applications, and comfortable driving experience, solid tyres as standard configuration

  • Standard with tuming deceleration function, safer driving

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Ergonomic design, comfortable and reliable

  • Long handle lever, good braking effect, less effort and easier to operate.

  • Ratchet parking brake lever, more reliable, not slide for 15% ramp parking.

  • Steering wheel and seat can be adjusted back and forth, more comfortable.

  • U-shape design of steering wheel, ftont-located multi-way valve operating device makes the operation effortless and comfortable.

  • Wide view for mast, making operation more comfortable.

  • New large screen LED instrument, good visibility and intuitive reading


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