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The model range of RT15ST2-20ST2-25ST2 Reach Truck is designed for operation in narrow aisles,ideal for storing and retrieving pallets in racks, in medium and large size warehouses.It features in mast reach and small turning radius, convenient for getting on/off.
Regenerative braking.



Mast system.
The mast system and cylinder (reinforced) is unified for the full model range, and internal mast also fits sit-down reach truck RT B/P series. The mast reach makes it more convenient and safer to load goods without the movement of chassis. Besides, the high-quality H type channel steel ensures the load capacity of the truck. 



Four-wheel design ensures stronger adaptability to the ground. The hydraulic system is equipped with speed limit valve to effectively control the lowering speed of the loads. With high standard craftsmanship and high quality materials, the truck performs great even under harsh working conditions. 


Fork lowering buffering system

The buffering system increases the safety and comfort in fork lowering. The mast ensures perfect visibility. 


Electronic control function

Battery power, timing and fault display helps operator to know truck condition and carry out maintenance periodically. Electrical system is waterproof and dustproof. Fully enclosed central control unit with heat dissipation design makes the circuit simpler and more reliable.

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Regenerative braking

When you apply brake while driving, regenerative braking helps to minimize energy consumption and extend battery working time. 

Comfortable and attractive design

The newly-designed operating space makes it more comfortable to operate.

Global brands configuration

Fully AC system, with standard electric power steering(EPS), Schabmüller steering motor from Germany; Multi valves and gear pump from Shimadzu, profile imported from Germany.

Hydraulic system

The high-end connectors, hoses and wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and highly flexible seals of international brands, as well as the reasonable layout of all the pipes, ensure the sealing, durability, safety and efficiency of the entire hydraulic system.


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