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  • NB380 is a mini-size walk-behind scrubber machine, equipped with brush-less brush motor and vacuum motor, low noise, high efficiency, energy saving, longer life-time, and low maintenance cost.

  • Compact size with washing width 380mm, easy to work in narrow areas.

  • Low energy consumption control system, one full charge can keep machine running 1.5~2 hours with standard 24V32AH lead-acid battery.

  • Intelligent waterproof control panel, one button start, water volume can be adjusted, user-friendly design for easy operation.

  • Products can be used in warehouses, shopping malls, workshops and other places, with a wide range of application scenarios.

  • Aluminum die-casting squeegee frame, good rust prevention and the best water suction performance.

  • Water skirt effectively prevents sewage splashing and controls clean areas.

  • Clean water tank separation, cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

  • Tool-free disassembly design for whole squeegee system, easy for changing the squeegee blade.

  • Foldable handle design for less storage space.



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