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Features and Advantages

" The compact size, with low center of gravity, small turning radius and flexible operation." Integrated waterproof touch panel design, the L.CD can display working parameters and fault code,which is easy to adjust paramcters andfault diagnosis

 Three speed modes and adjustable water flow. The indcpendently developed controller has the functions of motor overload and batery low-power proteetion,efleetively extending thelife of the motor and battery.

" One touch ECO model to reduce the power and noise level for suction motor, suitable for low noise request place." One touch cleetric lifing/lowering ofbrush and squcegee-holder, automatic lifting of squcege-holder for reverse driving , which is safe and

efficient. Double brush/pad design, innovative brush/pad connection. the brush/pad is easy and convenient to load or unload120 liter lange capacity for solution tank and recovery tank design, effeetively reduce the number of adding and releasing water.Automaticalarm for solution tank empty and recovery tank full.

" Lange opening of reversible recovery tank, tool-free disassembly design, easy to clean and maintain.

" The seat is equipped with the safety switch, and the scrubber will automatically stop when the driver leaves the seat.


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Hygroscopic steak

Wear-resistant adhesive strip arc suction and

scrape-shaped design, easyto absorb water without residue.

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Hatchback recovery tankTool-free disassemblydesign, easy to clean andmaintain.
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High performance batteryLarge capacity mainte-nance-free lead-acidbattery,safe and reliable.long working time.

Control panel

Integrated waterproof touchpanel design,easy and fastoperation.

Steering wheelWith steering wheelbooster ball,comfortable tooperate.
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Water injection port and waterlevel indicatorDisplay clear water tank waterlevel, large opening waterinjection port, easy to add clearwater.
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Charging portExternal charging port,easyto charge.

High-power non-slip frontdrive wheel

High-power anti-slip drivefront wheel, ramp operationwill not slope, more safe.


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