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Product features and advantages:

  • NR860P/NR1060 is a middle and large front-wheel drive scrubber with dual brushes;

  • The garbage storage box in the recovery tank can effectively filter large garbage to avoid the blockage of the drain pipe;

  • The whole vehicle adopts modular and compact design, which brings good maneuverability and flexibility;

  • The low center of gravity water tank and battery design ensure the whole vehicle higher driving safety and maintenance convenience;

  • Integrated waterproof touch panel design, easy for operations such as driving speed control, water flow adjustment, brush lifting/lowering;

  • Large-size color LCD screen to achieve equipment parameters visible, convenient for fault diagnosis and maintenance;

  • Standard electronic water level indicator for solution/recovery tanks, making level display intuitive and convenient. The recovery tank will automatically alarm and stop when it is full;

  • The whole vehicle is equipped with one-button soft start of motor, over-current and under-voltage protection of controller;

  • Patented disk brush adopts buckle design, achieving automatic loading and unloading of disk brush with one key;

  • One touch ECO model to reduce the energy consumption and noise level, suitable for low noise request scenarios.

  • 36V200Ah maintenance-free lead-acid battery ensures to work continuously for 5-6 hours on one charge.


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