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OPH 01/01E

OPH01/01E is a compact and efficient modern flexible multi-functional picking vehicle. The max working height of 5m is suitable for manual package picking at almost all related facilities. It is ideal for many applications, from material stacking to facilities maintenance. It is 750mm in width, with 1454mm lowest height, which means it can easily enter narrow areas (elevators, doors, etc.). Full-load operation with long battery life makes it perfect for heavy tasks. Undoubtedly, this is a great choice to assist operators in various indoor applications.

Safety is the core of OPH01/01E models. The lifting process is gentle thanks to proportional hydraulics. The lift speed reduces with increase of lift height, which ensures that the platform can rise to the desired level smoothly and safely. Both models are equipped with automatic closing doors preventing the operation of the truck when doors are opened. Both operating handles equipped with operator’s presence buttons forcing a user to control the truck properly ensuring own safety. The lifting structure utilizes high-strength aluminum alloy profiles to implement the concept of lightweight, which not only reduces the impact of structure weight on battery life, but also provides high stability due to the lowered gravity center. The chassis is equipped with rubber cushion pads reducing the influence from possible collisions with different objects.

All models are equipped with buzzer, warning light, rear light and blue-ray running light, providing sufficient warnings to people around. The truck has attractive appearance, great ergonomics and practical design with various storage areas, side light and optional headlight making truck suitable for work in insufficient light conditions.

High-efficiency is the goal of OPH 01/01E. The truck is equipped with Curtis controller which makes the simultaneous operation of lifting and driving not only possible, but also smooth and safe.  Both models are equipped with AC motors. OPH01E is equipped with single drive unit located in its front part and paired with electric steering control function, while OPH01 is equipped with dual drive AC motors, improving truck maneuverability and reducing demand for floor conditions thanks to its oscillating axle in front.  

Side light are included in standard configuration, allowing the operator to see the cargo nameplate even deep in the warehouse with insufficient light.


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