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Usually used for material traction in airports, stations, workshops and warehouses. It also can used as an important transportation tool for baggage traction, regional logistics and workshop circulation.

The truck is designed as compact structure, good maneuverability, and suitable for narrow-area operation. It’s powerful, stable and reliable in operation.

Rubber shock absorption are adopted for both front and rear axles, greatly improving the driving experience and effectively reducing the vehicle vibration on the operator.


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Rearview mirrors and steering wheel
The rearview mirrors on both sides provide a good view. Specially designed steering wheel greatly reduces the operator's steering force when driving, and effectively alleviates driving fatigue after long-term operation.
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Battery and cover
48V240Ah lead acid battery for standard, 48V270Ah/300Ah lead acid battery for options. Tilting battery cover is convenient for battery lifting and maintenance.
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Coasting button
The coasting button is convenient for truck fine adjustment.
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Storage bag and battery cover latch
Storage bag can be used for storing items. The truck is also equipped with reliable and convenient battery cover latch.
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Blue light
The standard blue light is not only activated automatically when the truck is driving forward, but also turns.

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Spacious driving space
Spacious driving space and rubber pedals provide the operator with more convenience and comfort.
Multifunction instrument
Standard multifunction instrument to display battery status, travel speed, fault code and so on.

Three traction couplers
The reinforced couplers can be set as three heights so as to ensure reliable connection to various trailers to meet different needs of working conditions.


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