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The TE10Li is an entry-level electric tractor for all light-duty works. Compactness and portability are the core of TE10Li philosophy. With an ultra-compact footprint, it can move freely through complex scenarios such as supermarkets, factories, hospitals and airports. The effortlessly replaceable plug-and-play Li-ion battery provides a solid guarantee of continuous operation when it is required; moreover, the maximum weight of the battery is only approx. 8 kg, everyone can replace the battery within seconds.


Compact in appearance but mighty in power. Thanks to the battery's high energy density and the durable drive axle, the TE10Li can move loads of a staggering 1000KG, covering almost all light industrial demands.

Being User-friendly is the design purpose of the TE10Li. The innovative handle adjustment mechanism and low-speed mode allow the operator to adjust the height of the handle and reduce the running speed rapidly, based on application needs. Ergonomically designed handle ensures operation comfort. 

The truck is equipped with an emergency reverse button, which forces the truck to move in reverse in case an operator is jammed in confined area, minimizing the risk of injuries. The truck is equipped with detachable coupling arm having stepless height adjustment, with its pivot point close to wheelbase making maneuverability higher. Various options of available couplings, including electric coupling, ensure that TE10Li is suitable for broad applications. The existing structure also allows to design and connect any custom-type of hook, if required.


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The ergonomically designed buttonsare comfortable for operation. Interms of functionality, there is also aslow speed mode, an emergencyreverse function and a horn switch,which is perfectly fitted to thedemands of users.

The height of tiller can be freelyadjusted, making it easy to adapt thetruck to the habits of different opera-tors.

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guard around wheels provides side protection, and can effectively prevent  the wheels from rolling over the user's foot.
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Swivel castors with adjustable height allow to set the most comfortable transportation angle of the truck when used without load as well as help to overcome some obstacles on the way and move the truck without power supply freely.
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The drive axle with differential mechanism provides smooth and effortless steering while driving with consistent transfer of torque from motor to both wheels in any time; Moreover, a steady acceleration of the truck can be achieved with the help of the electronic control system.
Soft rubber non-marking solid wheels ensure high traction with various ground surfaces, making truck having a great grip during the operation and supplying consistent towing force.


The user-friendly concept of the TE10Li is reflected in the details. Pin code panel integrates truck status display and a digital lock. 

On the one hand, with a PIN code and RFID tag for quick unlocking, the digital lock prevents the truck from operation by unauthorized personnel

On the other hand, The LCD screen shows the truck's status, including the number of hours working, the battery charge level and possible fault codes for diagnostic purposes.


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