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Maximum error 0.1% of scale capacity, even with floor conditions that are not optimal or when a load is places out of centre. The accuracy remains high.


  • High Definition DisplayHigh definition of the LCD display. Display can be read from any angle and with backlight, it can be used in dark environment.

  • Totalising function:  Each batch of product can be weighed multiple times, and finally accumulated to a total weight for avoiding overload.

  • Unit Switching:  The unit of weight can be freely switched between lb and kg to meet different needs of customers.

  • Multiple function keys:  There are many function keys (including tare and gross weight), which can meet various weighing needs of customers.

  • Big function keys that “click”:  When pressing the function keys, the operator senses a “click”movement. Even when working with gloves,the operator feels whether he has pressed the key properly.

  • High Accuracy:  Maximum error 0.05% of four sensors with ultra-high consistency. Even if a load is placed out of centre or the floor conditions that are not optimal, the accuracy remains high. 

  • Optional Printer:  Support external printer, you can convert the numerical data to paper label freely. Equipped with low voltage protection, even if the vehicle shakes, it will not affect the use of the printer. 

  • Build-in Rechargeable Battery:  Built-in 4000mAH super-capacity rechargeable battery with the advantages of durability and convenient charging, without disassembly. It lasts 3 months on a single battery charge. and the operating current is only 1ma  (on the premise that backlight and printer connection are turned off).


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