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The newly upgraded ATOM lithium powered pallet truck showcases nimble performance with lighter weight. Providing anideal solution for material handling in supermarkets, workshop internal logistics, and other occasions.The battervis equipped with lithium iron phosphate as standard, which can be quickly replaced and used or charged at anytime.The structure of the truck is more compact and more efficient. lt provides customers with a new solution that can replacemanual and semi-electric products. More importantly, it can greatly reduce the physical damage to the operators caused bythe long-term pulling or lifting and lowering operation comparing to the traditional manual products. The light weight of thetruck, without sacrificing the trength of frame. is very suitable for places with confined space or limit to truck weight.


The tiller integrates multiple functions and is easy to operate. The standard power display and fault display make the status of truck clear at a glance, and also make management of truck much safer. All ergonomic switches and buttons are designed in the best accessible position for convenient operation.
Robust & Smart Design of Chassis

Strong and compact structure of chassis helps to ensure long service time of the truck, without sacrificing the truck's weight or putting under question the strength of frame.

Greater grade ability. With the support of batteries above 30Ah, the full capacity of the truck can reach 9%, and it can be easily operated on the packing platform and other delivery situations. 

Because the thickness of the forks is increased from 2.75mm to 4.5mm and the thickness of the outer plate of the whole truck is not less than 4mm, the chassis and the frame become stronger and more durable.
Optional different battery capacities from 24V20Ah/30Ah/36Ah for various 


The batteries of the Atom series are equipped with maintenance-free lithium iron phosphate batteries as standard, and its capacity can be selected according to different usage requirements.

Due to the fast charging and on-the-go characteristics of the lithium battery, the working time of the truck is significantly extended.

Easy Maintenance. Maintenance can be easily done just by removing the cover. And without removing the cover, you can only use the external programming port to diagnose faults.

The most reliable structure of the hydraulic system. There is virtually no risk of oil leakage and the pressure loss is controlled to the minimum.