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The PT20Li power pallet truck is equipped with 1.4KW three-phase  AC drive motor , high power 2.2kW pump unit and high-performance  controllers to ensure and smooth operation. 

With electric power steering(EPS) and the multi-functional handle, it works efficiently and safely and confers a comfortable driving experience. 

The compact body design of the PT20Li offers a smaller turning radius and requires a smaller aisle width than comparable pallet trucks, making it more suitable for use in confined areas. The lifting system with adjustable pull rods provides greater strength and operation stability. 


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FAST CHARGING  Efficiency First

The unique fast-charging feature of lithium batteries makes them an ideal choice for multi-shift operation. On comparison with lead-acid batteries, the lithium batteries show greater performance as they can be charged between operations and during breaks, through the support of opportunity charging, the effective working time of equipment with lithium battery can be prolonged without necessity to replace the battery. Additionally, the opportunity charging has no effect on lithium battery, there is no memory effect and fast consecutive capacity reduction as it is the case for lead-acid batteries.

Lithium batteries are completely sealed, there is no evaporation of electrolyte, forming of explosive gases and chemical smell during charging process. Therefore, the lithium batteries are ideal for use in applications with environmental concerns, such as food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

SAFETY High Reliability
The lithium battery is using LiFePO4 chemistry (LFP), which is stable and safe. Each battery is equipped with integrated Battery Management System (BMS), which controls various parameters of the cells during charging and discharging operations making the use of lithium batteries safe, reliable and long lasting.

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Reliable and ergonomically designed multi-functional handle, each button can be easily reached and controlled, which makes driving more comfortable.
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The Multi-functional LCD indicator displays the information about remaining battery power, amount of working hours and fault codes. 

Built-in USB port for charging other devices. 

The PIN-code  lock can be set with multiple passwords and also supports RFID card activation.
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  • PT 20Li

  • Powerful Drive 

  • Dual hydraulic cylinders 

  • 2,2kW pump unit 

  • High-level controller 


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