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Ideal selection for heavy-duty and long-distance transportation operations with a fixed or foldable platform and floating drive wheel with high traveling speed, especially for logistics companies. 
The fixed platform with roomy, safe, and ergonomic design is the first choice for intralogistics transportation over long distances; the foldable platform saves space in narrow aisles.


German REMA Ergonomic tiller and handle

Ergonomic handle, easy to use on both sides. The chronic switch ensures safer operation in narrow spaces.

High performance

The electric power steering system makes operation more efficient and effortless.

AC drive technology

A powerful high-quality floating AC drive unit ensures high performance, low maintenance, and long service life of the truck. Adjustable pressure drive, unloaded speed 9.0km/h, 2T full-load speed 7km/h, 2.5T full-load speed 6.5km/h. Its floating drive and 1.6KW high power make it has low requirements for road smoothness.

Sideways battery exchange

Sideways battery exchange compartment for quick and safe battery exchange. Because the battery compartment is lifted with forks, various exchange heights are easy to reach.


Storage area

Storage areas for plastic wrap, documents, or writing boards, etc.

Strong and durable body

Strong and durable body with a fixed platform, very suitable for high-intensity operation in logistic work. By traveling with the backside of the fork, one hand can ergonomically reach the grip, the other holds the tiller. For both left-handed and right-handed operation.


Control elements

Key-switch, emergency switch, and battery discharge indicator.


Powerful battery

High-performance German DIN standard battery for long or multi-shift operation. The battery rollers minimize the forces needed for exchange. Optional 180Ah, 210Ah, and 270Ah lead-acid batteries, also the largest 315Ah lead-acid batteries. Meanwhile optional 150Ah or 200Ah lithium battery.

Ergonomic design

Fixed or foldable platform with protective arms. The cushioned platforms ensure safety in all traveling conditions.


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