Automated Guided Vehicle

Chain and roller conveying equipment

Cross-belt sorting system is connected by main drive belt conveyor and car (hereinafter referred to "trolley") loaded with small belt conveyors; when the "trolley" moves to the sorting position as stated, the belt rotates and the task of goods sorting and delivery is finished. Because the main drive belt conveyor is laid crosswise to the belt conveyor on the “trolley”.

Plate Chain Conveyor Equipment

Plate chain conveyor is suitable for transportation of heavy duty irregular shape articles. The chain is made up of hollow large rollers with attachment chains. The attachments of synchronous chains on both sides are connected by plate members to form a continuous flat plate in the direction of conveying, thus running smoothly.

Suspension conveying equipment

It has lifting, transportation, storage and other functions, and can meet the requirements of various processing and assembly processes. It is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, light industrial household appliances, food, postal and other industries.

Stacker equipment

The stacker system is an important part of the automated warehouse. It connects with the production line ports (raw material carrier entry and finished product entry and exit) and the three-dimensional warehouse ports, and together with AGV, RGV and three-dimensional warehouse, it forms the production line logistics transportation storage system. The stacker system can be operated manually by a single machine or dispatched and executed by the upper computer in the central control room without on-site attendance. Its high automation ability guarantees the realization of efficient production and efficient logistics.。