Management Software System

Cross-belt sorting equipment

Cross-belt sorting system is connected by main drive belt conveyor and car (hereinafter referred to "trolley") loaded with small belt conveyors; when the "trolley" moves to the sorting position as stated, the belt rotates and the task of goods sorting and delivery is finished. Because the main drive belt conveyor is laid crosswise to the belt conveyor on the “trolley”.

Universal ball sorting equipment

Universal ball sorting system is a sorting system which fixes several universal balls with power on the steel plate with certain density to form a platform, making the objects it bears lead to different delivery lines as per certain direction on the basis of the control software of the sorting system.

Slider sorting equipment

The slider sorting system consists of drag conveyor and pushing block with unique shape which slides around between the chain plate for commodity sorting. Pusher sorting system is comprised of pusher sorting machine, part feeder, diverter, information collection system, control system and network system.

Inclined guide wheel sorting equipment

Line shaft diverter was a automatic sorting system widely used in logistics center of America and Japan after World War II. Now, it has become an indispensable part in large- and medium-sized logistics center of the developed countries.

Holding tray loader equipment

Holding tray loader system is an important part of automated stereoscopic warehouse. It is linked by means of production line ports (entrance of raw material carrier and finished products) and various stereoscopic warehouse ports, and constitutes the production line logistics delivery and storage system together with AGV, RGV and stereoscopic warehouse. Holding tray loader system can both run manually by single and performed by the upper microcomputer of the central control room, no need of personnel on site; its highly automated capability provides a guarantee to realize high-efficiency production and logistics.