Lithium Solution

NOBLELIFT Lithium Powered Trucks:SuperchargeMaintenance Free, Cost-effective.
Fast Charging:Power Pallet Truck & Stacker, Walkie Reach:1-2hrs; Reach Trucks:2-2.5hrs;Electric Forklift:1.5-2hrs
Environment-frienfly:Each lithium truck requires only one battery attributing to its fast charging feature no matter how many work shifts.
Life time of lithium battery is three times that of lead acid battery.
The maintenance-free feature of lithium battery gives much higher cost performance than lead-acid battery.

Safety:Lithium battery reduces 35% energy consumption, requires no specified charging area and exempts from cost for battery maintenance.
It saves space, requires no device to be taken out of truck as well as additional ventilation and liquid filling device.

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